Creative Life


Rebecca Sipper is a full-time studio artist in Savannah, Georgia who  makes functional pots and handbags mainly with drawings of animals and  nature.  Growing up she learned to work with her hands early in life as  her mother and grandmothers cooked, gardened and created.  Multiple  generations of artistic Georgia women shaped Rebecca’s love of art,  home, and spending time exploring nature.

Her undergraduate work includes Berry College and Oglethorpe  University. She received a B.A. in Studio Art and a B.A. in Psychology  from Oglethorpe University.

Her ceramic vessels, fibers and print making together and separately  celebrate time and place that create environment.  Her work celebrates  history and tradition combining past and present with love of nature and  people in utilitarian art. Her objective is to translate her own  experience through narrative imagery on the utilitarian form.

She has continued her artistic education locally at S.P.A.C.E as well  as at Arrowmont School of Craft in Tennessee, Lillstreet Art Center in  Chicago, IL and Mudfire in Atlanta, GA. 

She is a member of Gallery 209 a  local co-op and displays work at Roots Up Gallery and Signature Gallery  as well as in Cohen’s Retreat Brown Dog Market.

Instagram:  @Beccasipper_art & @Retrofieddesigns